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Ruchi Kanda
Ruchi Kanda

Digital Transformation Manager
030 232 58 11 20

About Your new job

You will be the contact person for the tenants of KUMMUNI. Offering them the most suitable living space, and helping them to settle in as soon as possible at the new home and after that supporting them is your main responsibility.

Your Responsibilities

  • Understand our tenants/ potential tenants needs and help them to get what they need
  • Be the one that our tenants can rely on them
  • Be the bridge between your tenant and our finance, facility and property department
  • Stay in touch with the tenants and help them to receive what they have been promised

Who you are

  • You have self-discipline and you are self-motivated
  • You have the ability to change the plan at the last minute
  • You have good communication skills
  • You are not change resistance
  • You are not against different cultures, but you are praising the differences
  • Even if you are not a mathematician, you understand numbers
  • Although you are a hard worker, you know how to work smart
  • You get the job done and you are not a quitter
  • You compete with everyone, even yourself
  • You work for the challenge, not only for the money
  • You are crazy enough to believe you can change things!


  • Graduated or currently studying (Management, economics, Marketing, BA, etc.)
  • Good English skills
  • German is a plus 
  • Good knowledge about web
  • Previous experience is a plus
  • Good understanding of iCloud

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About us

KUMMUNI is a Berlin-based real estate Tech startup. Although countless real estate startups claim to be High-Tech, we are among the few businesses which are actually utilizing technology. We focus on the market of short-term rental of apartments to international students and young professionals, and in 2020 alone we were able to host hundreds of foreign tenants from all seven continents.

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