Waiting List

Welcome to our waiting list, and we are sorry if you couldn’t find your next home today on KUMMUNI.com. The good news is that we are increasing the number of properties every month and once we have a vacancy, our colleagues will contact you right away.

By completing this form, your name will be automatically added to our CRM. A copy of your request will be also forwarded directly to our agents, so even if our software can’t find your next home, our colleagues will do their job: Helping you to start your story with us and make it home!

How it works?

By submitting the form below, our software will process your data from an inquiry into a lead. Once our agents list a new property, if the new property meets you requirements, our software will send you an email and link to the property will be provided. Then you can simply upload your documents and apply for the property. 

How can I update my inquiry?

If you are wishing to update your inquiry, simply submit the form again. The software will overwrite the older form.

Do I still get to choose my furniture?

Our software will send you different kinds of offers according to your budget, requirements and vacancy of our properties. Therefore, you might receive offers for already furnished apartments or apartments in which Choose Your Style program is available.

What number shall I give as monthly budget?

That’s upon your financial background, however our starting price for shared spaces is 449 Euro, Private rooms 549 Euro and Studio apartments 999 Euro. If your budget for the selected type of property is below our standard, the system will exclude your inquiry from the waiting list.

What about my data privacy?

We respect your privacy and your data. We do not share, sell, or handover your data to any third-party. If you would like to know more about our data policy, terms and conditions, etc., please click here.

Can I provide you with fake contact details to protect my identity?

Technically speaking it is possible and our CRM will continue sending you new offers regardless. However, once you need to apply for an apartment which was offered by our software, the system requires your legal name and surname. If the given data here and on the application is not a match, the system will assume you are using someone else offer. Therefore, your application will get rejected.

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