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In September 2022, KUMMUNI’s marketing department conducted research on the individuals most likely to leave a negative Google review for booking platforms. And the results of the study may either surprise you or be already known to you! After conducting a thorough analysis of the bad Google reviews from three popular booking platforms in Germany, it was found that the majority of the negative feedback was directed towards the landlords and Google Business of the booking platform was used to leave the review! This was irrespective of whether the booking platform performed well or not.

One particular review stood out, where a customer complained about a booking platform that promised weekly cleaning services but failed to deliver. Additionally, the apartment was handed over in a poor condition. 

As a company that offers furnished properties, we pride ourselves on being different from many in the industry. We do not use sample photos and always provide accurate and honest information about our properties. We have a strict no hidden cost policy and only offer what can be delivered. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with you. It is important to KUMMUNI that we maintain the utmost respect for this partnership and ensure that our actions do not negatively impact either of our reputations. We are committed to working together in a professional and ethical manner.

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KUMMUNI is a one-of-a-kind proptech company that offers affordable apartments with a unique twist. Your clients can choose their own furniture for their new home at no additional cost. Alternatively, they can upgrade the already furnished properties for a small monthly fee.

In addition to the furniture options, KUMMUNI also provides each tenant with brand-new bedding, duvet and pillows, and toiletries for their first use. This ensures every tenant has a comfortable and fresh start in their new home.

KUMMUNI has its own facility department, which means that facility support is provided free of charge and promptly. This ensures that any issues or concerns that may arise are addressed promptly and efficiently. 

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