KUMMUNI is a Berlin-based proptech that is actually utilizing technology. With the help of technology, not only have we overcome discrimination in housing, but we have also taken a new step to transform this industry. KUMMUNI is the first and to date the only furnished property rental company that gives its tenants the freedom to choose their own furniture at no extra cost.

KUMMUNI is more concerned about you having an enjoyable and fruitful stay in Germany. We believe that renting an apartment doesn’t have to be a struggle. So we make your wish of having an affordable, homely and comfortable space a reality.

We focus on the market of short-term rental of apartments to international students and young professionals, and every year we are hosting hundreds of foreign tenants by providing them with fully furnished apartments and shared apartments.

"KUMMUNI is not only transforming the rental market; but its also a testament to the power of visionary entrepreneurship."

Aize Perez

CEO Weekly

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Our Approach

ZERO- Discrimination

01. Our Mission

At KUMMUNI, we are committed to fighting discrimination and inequality in the housing market. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a home where your story and journey can begin. We invite you to join us in making this dream a reality by starting your story with us and turning our apartments into your homes. We want to build your projects with care.

02. Our Values

  • Creating a sense of security

  • Combating Discrimination

  • Comfortable Housing

  • Innovation and Technology

Fully furnished but You get to Choose Your Style

KUMMUNI is here to revolutionize the fully furnished rental industry! As the first company to offer tenants the option to choose their furniture, we believe that it is essential for individuals to have the freedom to choose their preferred style. After all, it is not truly a new home if you cannot Choose Your Style!


1- First, find the most suitable apartment on our platform


2- Apply for the place by uploaded all required documents 


3- Once your application is approved, start choosing the furniture and if the place is already furnished either upgrade or pass.


4- Sign the rental contract with us

Move in

5- Do the move-in protocol with your agent and make it home!

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