Fair Marketing Practices- Our Listing

"What you see, is what you gonna get!"

KUMMUNI is committed to transparency and fair marketing in the real estate sector. While heavily edited and photoshopped images are commonplace globally, even sample photos are becoming common in Berlin. Despite our marketing team’s strong skills, we do not manipulate clients through marketing tactics.

Basically regarding marketing and property listing, “You get what you See” is our motto!

Listing Transparency

How accurate the photos in KUMMUNI's listing are and how much can I depend on them?

Our listing photos capture the essence of the property accurately, but we do use editing techniques to enhance them. While we don’t use high-exposure photography, we do increase the exposure in Photoshop to create clear and vibrant images.

We adjust the contrast and shadow slightly, while keeping the vibrance, saturation, and color grading unchanged. The temperature may be decreased from 0 to -9 for a softer effect. To create a realistic photo, we adjust the Texture and Clarity only slightly and increase the Dehaze just a bit. However, these values may vary depending on the season, time, and weather conditions.

CoLiving in Berlin from KUMMUNI
CoLiving in Berlin from KUMMUNI
After edit
Unique Photos

We don't use sample and inaccurate photos

Honest Videos

We only provide honest POV videos

Accurate Perspective

We don't show our properties bigger

Detailed and Precise

All descriptions are detailed & accurate

Fair Marketing Practices- Our Listing

KUMMUNI is a game-changing proptech in the fully furnished rental industry. It is the first of its kind to offer tenants the option to choose their furniture. This freedom to choose their preferred style is essential for individuals to feel at home. After all, what is a new home if you cannot Choose Your Style?

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