What you see, is what you gonna get!

KUMMUNI is committed to transparency and fair marketing in the real estate sector. While heavily edited and photoshopped images are commonplace globally, even sample photos are becoming common in Berlin. Despite our marketing team's strong skills, we do not manipulate clients through marketing tactics. Basically regarding marketing and property listing, "You get what you See" is our motto!

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Everything you see is natural and honest

Unique Photos

We don't use sample and inaccurate photos

Honest Videos

We only provide honest POV videos

Accurate Perspective

We don't show our properties bigger

Detailed and Precise

All descriptions are detailed & accurate

Fair Marketing Practices

Our listing photos capture the essence of the property accurately, but we do use editing techniques to enhance them. While we don't use high-exposure photography, we do increase the exposure in Photoshop to create clear and vibrant images. We adjust the contrast and shadow slightly, while keeping the vibrance, saturation, and color grading unchanged. The temperature may be decreased from 0 to -9 for a softer effect. To create a realistic photo, we adjust the Texture and Clarity only slightly and increase the Dehaze just a bit. However, these values may vary depending on the season, time, and weather conditions.

KUMMUNI original listing photo KUMMUNI photoshopped listing photo

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What if the listing was not accurate?

At KUMMUMI, we take pride in ensuring the accuracy of our listings. However, if you do happen to find any major differences, we are more than willing to refund you with the admin fee, first rent, and deposit immediately. Additionally, you have the option to sign the contract either at our office or right before the handover at the apartment itself. Basically regarding marketing and property listing, "You get what you See" is our motto!

freedom to choose

We offer you the freedom to choose the signing location for the rental contract. You have two options: sign at the apartment itself or, if you prefer, sign beforehand at our office. Whichever option you select, we want to assure you that we take full responsibility for the accuracy of our listing and everything related to the apartment, from the entrance door to all its contents. We strive to provide you with complete confidence and transparency throughout the process.

KUMMUNI original listing photo 2 KUMMUNI original listing photo 1

Refund Policy

  • 100% money back guarantee ensures full refund for all payments made.
  • Applicants must meticulously examine the listing particulars such as availability, duration, associated costs, number of housemates, etc. Refunds will not be granted for applications stemming from misinterpretations.
  • Tenant can request a refund if the apartment is located in a different district or building.
  • Tenant can ask for a refund if the apartment has nothing to do with the listing.
  • Tenant may ask for a refund if the size of the apartment or room is smaller than 10% of what was claimed.
  • Tenant cannot ask for a refund if the size of the apartment or room is bigger than what was shown in the listing.
  • Tenant is responsible for checking the location of the apartment, neighbourhood, etc.
  • Tenant cannot request a refund if they suddenly dislike these aspects.
  • Tenant in CoLiving spaces cannot request a refund based on the nationality, gender, etc. of other flatmates.
  • If the apartment was booked through a third-party platform, refund for those payments that wasn’t paid to KUMMUNI directly should be requested from the platform.
  • Requesting a refund will result in the apartment not being handed over to the tenant.
  • If a contract has been signed beforehand, requesting a refund will terminate the contract automatically.
  • KUMMUNI will only return the service fee, rent, and deposit and will not cover any other claims.
  • KUMMUNI takes responsibility for everything inside the apartment, starting from the entrance door.
  • KUMMUNI is not responsible for the building, outside areas, and staircases.
  • Decorative items such as the model of plants, carpets, canvas, photos sets may appear different from the photos. (This doesn’t apply to the Choose Your Style Program and it’s only about those properties that have been already furnished)
  • Some special decorative items such as Books, figures , clothes shown in the photos may not be included.
  • Tenant cannot request a refund if the color of the curtains, carpet do not match the photos from the listing.
  • In a piece of furniture doesn’t match the listing, KUMMUNI must provide an alternative option.
  • Alternative items may have a different look but must have the same functionality.
  • Tenant cannot request a refund if the value of the alternative items is in the same price range.
  • Tenant cannot request a refund if KUMMUNI has informed the tenant about the differences prior and the tenant chose to continue the process with KUMMUNI.
  • Tenant signing handover protocol nullifies refund policy as signing protocol signifies entry into lease agreement.

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