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KUMMUNI is a pioneering CoLiving and furnished real estate company that is revolutionizing the market by allowing tenants to choose their furniture at no extra cost. KUMMUNI is also the first proptech startup that has developed software to combat discrimination in the German rental housing market. 

Our company specializes in providing short-term rental furnished apartments for international students and young professionals.

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KUMMUNI Press Room

KUMMUNI, a Berlin-based real estate startup, has introduced a groundbreaking concept to the market. As the first and only CoLiving company, KUMMUNI offers its tenants the freedom to choose their furniture at no additional cost. This includes a wide variety of furniture types and colors. The entire process, from applying for an apartment to selecting furniture and requesting facility support, is conducted online. KUMMUNI has already tested its business model with hundreds of tenants and units throughout Berlin and is now ready to take the next step in the market.

The company is fully digitalized and plans to launch its app by the end of 2023. This will provide tenants with even more convenience and accessibility. Additionally, KUMMUNI is the only real estate company that charges tenants based solely on the size of the property, rather than the neighborhood, apartment location, or floor. This makes it easier for tenants to find affordable housing throughout Berlin.

KUMMUNI is a revolutionary real estate startup that offers a unique CoLiving experience. Its fully digitalized platform allows tenants to easily apply for an apartment, select furniture, and request facility support. With plans to convert to an app-based business in soon future, KUMMUNI is poised to take the market by storm. Its innovative pricing model, based solely on the property size, makes affordable housing accessible to all throughout Berlin.

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