KUMMUNI has formed a partnership with Anchored GmbH

Anchored GmbH KUMMUNI

KUMMUNI is pleased to announce its new partnership with Anchored GmbH. This collaboration allows all KUMMUNI tenants to furnish their home offices with the latest office equipment at a reasonable cost. Anchored offers a wide range of products, including monitors, computer accessories, and even the highly sought-after PS5, all available for lease. This partnership aims to enhance the productivity and convenience of KUMMUNI tenants, providing them with top-notch technology solutions for their work-from-home needs.

KUMMUNI, is a revolutionary proptech in the rental market that provides a distinctive feature that grants tenants the freedom to select their own furniture. In an exciting new collaboration with Anchored, KUMMUNI’s tenants now have the opportunity to elevate their home office experience with fully equipped and cost-effective options. This partnership aims to enhance the working environment for tenants, offering them a range of affordable choices to create a productive and comfortable workspace.

About Anchored GmbH

Anchored, is a Berlin-based startup, founded by the former TikTok’s strategy manager Mikhail Zarozhniy that offers a wide range of high-quality equipment for lease at competitive prices. Whether you need a one-time rental or want to subscribe to one of the convenient packages, Anchored has you covered. With their flexible options and top-notch customer service, working from home has never been easier.

The extensive inventory includes everything you need to create a productive and comfortable workspace, from ergonomic chairs and adjustable standing desks to state-of-the-art monitors and noise-cancelling headphones. KUMMUNI tenants can now benefit from exclusive discounts on rentals and purchases through our partner Anchored. To access the discount code, simply log in to the myKUMMUNI app and visit your account page. Don’t miss out on this special offer!

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