Ajax Xavier Kunnath Lalfi Clinches Victory in The 1st KUMMUNI Home Award Contest

1st KUMMUNI Home Award

KUMMUNI is proud to announce Ajax Xavier Kunnath Lalfi as the final winner of the inaugural KUMMUNI Home Award. The award ceremony took place at KUMMUNI’s office, where Mr. Lars Fritzsche, representing Businessway GmbH, the partner of Vodafone Business, presented Ajax with the first-place prize—an iPhone 14, sponsored by Businessway GmbH.

The KUMMUNI Home Award emphasizes the importance of maintaining hygiene and the careful upkeep of living spaces within KUMMUNI properties. Participation was open exclusively to tenants who have demonstrated immaculate care of their apartments. The public played a crucial role in the selection process by casting likes on photos of the finalist’s apartments posted online. With an impressive 531 likes, Ajax’s apartment came out on top, followed by Despoina Dimitrakopoulou who received 300 likes and was awarded a €300 discount card from KUMMUNI for her notable second place.

“The KUMMUNI Home Award reflects our belief that well-preserved living spaces are essential for the comfort and satisfaction of our tenants. We extend our thanks to Businessway GmbH and Vodafone Business for their support in sponsoring this award, and we eagerly anticipate building upon the success of this initiative in the years to come.” said Jennifer Seidel, the executive assistant.

KUMMUNI, along with Businessway GmbH and Vodafone Business, thanks all participants who took part in the award contest and contributed to its success. This award serves to foster a community-driven environment where excellence in apartment maintenance and tenant pride are esteemed.

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