KUMMUNI Hygiene Standards

Hygiene is important for everyone. Hygiene is so important for KUMMUNI that sometimes non-compliance with this issue can lead to cancellation of the contract or non-renewal of the contract by us.

Main Standards

Hygiene of Mattresses

The thickness of all our mattresses is 27 cm and we use each mattress for two different people. Each time a tenant hands in his/her apartment/room, before handing in the place to the new tenant, our colleagues in the facility department carefully clean the mattresses first with a special vacuum cleaner and then disinfect them. We also cover each mattress with a thick waterproof protective layer. These layers are also completely new and disinfected. After disinfecting the mattresses, our colleagues in the facility department test them under UV, and your agent is obliged to re-test the mattress at your presence under UV before handing in the apartment.

Hygiene of Carpets

Walking with shoes on the carpets is strictly forbidden in all our apartments. Each time the tenant hands in the apartment, the carpets are cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and then washed. Old carpets are also delivered to the recycling company.

Hygiene of Small Items

Smaller items such as bath and toilet mats, trash cans, kitchen towels, and items that can easily host bacteria and fungi are replaced.

Hygiene of Sofas and Armchairs 

Sofas and armchairs in apartments are first vacuumed and then disinfected before being handed to the new tenant. These are required to pass the UV test.

KUMMUNI Hygine Standard WC

Contract termination due to lack of hygiene

According to our rental contracts for co-living spaces (students accommodations and for young professionals), KUMMUNI may terminate the rental contract if we observe or other residinces report unhyginic habits and behavior.

Care Package

The importance of hygiene, especially in the apartments dedicated to Co-Living, is so high for us that we give these new items to each new tenant:

  1. duvet,
  2. pillows,
  3. duvet cover,
  4. pillow cover,
  5. bedsheets,
  6. set of towels

Each new tenant will also receive a complete set of toiletries including paper towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper and disinfectants. Of course, you do not have to pay an extra charge to get the Care Package.

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