All costs are included in the rent

Living in a KUMMUNI co-living space or a fully furnished apartment has its perks. One of the biggest advantages is that your monthly rent covers almost every cost. You don't need to worry the difference between the cold rent and warm rent, which can add up to a significant amount for people who rent unfurnished apartments. This means that you can budget your finances better and have a clear idea of how much you need to pay each month.

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You get to choose the furniture at no extra cost

Another advantage of living in a KUMMUNI property is that you don’t need to worry about furnishing your home.

KUMMUNI is a pioneering proptech platform that empowers tenants to choose from our extensive furniture collection, completely free of charge. We offer maximum customization options to ensure that every tenant can create their ideal living space. In all our properties everything is already provided for you, from furniture to appliances. This saves you time and money, as you don’t need to spend hours shopping for furniture or buying expensive appliances. You can move in and start living your life.

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You even don't need a toothbrush!

At KUMMUNI, we understand the importance of hygiene for our tenants. That’s why we only provide a Care Package which contain brand new bedding and towels for every new tenant. This includes pillows, duvets, pillow covers, duvet covers, bedsheets, and a set of towels. We believe that your health is more important than cutting costs, so we never compromise on the cleanliness of our rental properties.

In addition to providing new bedding and towels, we also offer toiletries for the first month to help you settle in comfortably. You won’t even need to bring a toothbrush! All of these amenities are completely free and there are no hidden costs. We you to feel at home and have everything they need to maintain their hygiene.

At KUMMUNI, we take hygiene seriously and we strive to provide the best possible living conditions for our tenants. With our commitment to cleanliness and our comprehensive amenities, you can rest assured that your health and comfort are our top priorities.

KUMMUNI Care Package

Free High-Speed Internet

KUMMUNI tenants can now enjoy free internet in all properties, thanks to the partnership with Vodafone Business Center Berlin. KUMMUNI covers the cost of internet, even though it is not included in the rent.

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