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Finding a new place to call home can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. It’s important to remember that a new home should feel like home in order for it to be a place of comfort and security indeed.

One key factor in making a new place feel like home is personalization and that’s where KUMMUNI Choose Your Style comes to play! At KUMMUNI, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live. It’s a reflection of your personality and style. That’s why we offer our Choose Your Style Program, so you can make your new home truly your own. With our amazing offers and fully furnished properties, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible living experience.

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KUMMUNI Exclusive Furnished Apartments In Berlin

VASAGLE is the primary supplier of KUMMUNI, providing 80% of the furniture in our apartments. This partnership has allowed KUMMUNI to offer tenants a wide range of high-quality furniture options. Thanks to VASAGLE’s diverse product line, KUMMUNI has made it possible for tenants to select their own furniture for their new apartments. All of our rental apartments in Berlin are furnished exclusively with VASAGLE products.

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how to apply for an apartment on KUMMUNI

Frequently Asked Questions about Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style is a completely free program that gives you the freedom to choose and customize your furniture to create your dream home. The best part is that it won’t impact your monthly rent, and there are no hidden fees or charges at any point. Yet, we would like to inform you that upgrading your furniture and equipment is an option, but not mandatory. Our system may offer you the opportunity to upgrade, but if you prefer to stick with the default furniture, you can simply choose the free items. The choice is entirely up to you.

Upgrading your rental package provides access to additional items not initially offered. For instance, you can request a larger TV or a PlayStation console. It is important to note that upgrading furniture comes at a cost and you will be charged a monthly fee for any extra items. The additional charges will reflect on your monthly rent, which is a reasonable amount.

From the day you sign the contract it will take us maximum 14 working days to finish your new home.

Once you submit the inquiry, your agent, our colleagues in facility and logistic will receive a notification about your inquiry through our website. If you haven’t signed the contract you can ask your agent to change your inquiry if possible. However, after signing the contract the is no option to change the furniture.

If you decide to rent another property from us after your current rental contract is over, you have the option to request identical, similar, or entirely different furniture. The process of choosing furniture will not come at an extra cost to you.

We love it when you want to make our apartments your home! However, we must insist that you guarantee the safety of our existing furniture and the property itself. While We are open to the idea of adding some pieces by you, we cannot allow a complete overhaul of the furniture.

Our apartment complex provides a range of essential items, including a refrigerator, stove, kitchen cabinets, vacuum, and dining table. It’s important to note that our facility management department is responsible for selecting the model, size, and color of these items. As a tenant, you can rest assured that these items will be provided for you, but you won’t have a say in their specifications.

At KUMMUNI, we exclusively offer furniture from our collection which has been designed and manufactured by VASAGLE. Our collection includes every piece that is essential for a home. However, we do not provide some items such as any beds for toddlers or babies.

Available Private Rooms & Apartments for rent in Berlin

KUMMUNI has a variety of apartments for rent in Berlin. Some are already furnished, but you have the option to upgrade if you desire. If the apartment is not already furnished, you can choose your desired furniture for free.

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