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Trust us to serve you amazing offers you can hardly find in the wold housing market. We are not just selling space, we are selling a lifestyle. Hence you can choose between our available furniture (the model and color) and the paints for your apartment. You can enjoy this extraordinary offer without any extra charge.

Once it comes to “fully-furnished”, we have a different definition than any other companies who try to be like us.
We don’t call a semi-furnished apartment a “fully furnished” one. Fully Furnished means nothing is missing! And what is the point if you can’t choose your own furniture? What’s the point if you can’t call it home?

Only with KUMMUNI Choose Your Style Program, you have the chance to choose your desired furniture for your new home. It’s all free of charge and without any hidden cost! Besides, all of our properties have fully furnished and fully equipped.

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VASAGLE is the main and most important supplier of KUMMUNI. 80% of the furniture in our apartments is from VASAGLE products. Thanks to this cooperation and quality and different products of VASAGLE, the idea of choosing furniture by the customer was made possible for the first time by KUMMUNI. Most of our properties, whether co-living place for students, studio apartments or business class apartments, are furnished with the products of this furniture supplier, and from mid-2022, all KUMMUNI apartments will be furnished with VASAGLE products.

FAQ about Choose Your Style

Not at all, however in some cases you can upgrade the furniture or equipments. If you just take what our system offers for 0 Euro, you won’t be charged extra at all.

From the day you sign the contract it will take us maximum 14 working days to finish your new home.

Once you submit the inquiry, your agent, our colleagues in facility and logistic will receive a notification about your inquiry through our website. If you haven’t signed the contract you can ask your agent to change your inquiry if possible. However, after signing the contract the is no option to change the furniture.

If you want to another property from us (after your rental contract is over,) there is a chance that you can either ask for identical, or similar or even entirely different furniture and of course the whole process of choosing furniture will be at no extra cost.

Only if you guarantee you would not hurt our furniture and the property itself, you may add some prices of furniture which you already have in the property.

There are some items which you can’t choose. Such as refrigerator, stow, kitchen cabinets, vacuum, dinning table and etc. Although all will be provided at your apartment, only our facility management department decided about the model, size and color of those items. 

We only offer what we have. For example, we do not offer any bed for toddlers or babies.

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