COVID policy/ From September 2023

In response to the resurgence of COVID in Germany in 2023, KUMMUNI has implemented strict regulations to safeguard both its employees and tenants.

Office Visit Regulations

  1. An in-person visit is possible only in absolutely necessary cases
  2. An in-person visit to our office is subject to prior appointment only
  3. Filling in the application form for an in-person visit is mandatory
  4. It is required to provide up-to-date Covid-19 tests (both for vaccinated and unvaccinated people) performed by the Test Center

Wearing a standard mask and plastic gloves is mandatory

  1. In order to reduce the risk, we are unfortunately unable to cater to our guests
  2. If the visitor has a companion, we are sorry but we cannot accept the companion
  3. For concluding a contract or renewing a contract, all the necessary processes will be done by post until further notice

Rules for technician visits to the apartment

  1. Our staff is required to have an up-to-date test performed under the supervision of KUMMUNI Supervisor 
  2. Our staff is required to wear standard masks.
  3. During the visit from our technicians/staff, it is mandatory for all tenants to wear a mask.
  4. If gloves need to be removed, they are obliged to sanitize the touched surface immediately.
  5. If one or more of the residents of the apartment have been infected with COVID-19 in less than 7 days, they are obliged to inform our staff at the time of requesting a technician.

Note: These obligations only apply to official KUMMUNI personnel. Contractors hired by KUMMUNI GmbH or the owner may not need to comply with these obligations. 

Last update: 18.09.2023

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