KUMMUNI and COVID-19 Policy

Since Covid-19 is growing uncontrollably in Germany, KUMMUNI has decided to enforce its regulations to protect its employees and tenants.

Office Visit Regulations

  1. In-person visit is possible only in absolutely necessary cases
  2. In-person visit to our office is subject to prior appointment only
  3. Filling in the application form for in–person visit is mandatory
  4. It is required to provide up-to-date Covid-19 test (both for vaccinated and unvaccinated people) performed by the Test Center

Wearing a standard mask and plastic gloves is mandatory

  1. In order to reduce the risk, we are unfortunately unable to cater our guests
  2. If the visitor has a companion, we are sorry but we cannot accept the companion
  3. For concluding a contract or renewing a contract, all the necessary process will be done by post until further notice

Rules for technician visits to the apartment

  1. Our staff is required to have an up-to-date test performed under the supervision of KUMMUNI Supervisor 
  2. Our staff is required to wear standard masks and plastic gloves.
  3. If gloves need to be removed, they are obliged to sanitize the touched surface immediately.
  4. At least one occupant of the apartment is required to show an up-to-date test. (This test can be done at home)
  5. If one or more of the residents of the apartment have been infected with the Covid-19 in less than 15 days, they are obliged to inform our staff at the time of requesting a technician.

Note: These obligations only apply to official KUMMUNI personnel. Contractors hired by KUMMUNI GmbH or the owner may not need to comply with these obligations. 

Have a party at Co-Living Spaces

  1. It is possible to hold a party in all our Co-Living spaces, which we have concluded their contracts after 01.01.2021, only within the framework of the provisions of the contract, and any violation will be pursued according to the contract. If you would like to know more how to prevent or cope COVID-19 in a co-living space please read the third chapter of our e-book: How to live comfortably in a Co-Living space.

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