KUMMUNI is introducing discount cards exclusively for the tenants

KUMMUNI Discount cards

KUMMUNI is introducing discount cards exclusively for the esteemed tenants who are members of the KUMMUNI Community Club. These discount cards offer a wide range of benefits, with options available starting from 50€ and going up to 600€.

Membership to the KUMMUNI Community Club is completely free of charge. KUMMUNI distributes the discount cards to individuals through raffle contests. To take advantage of this opportunity, the tenants can participate in the contest by logging in to the myKUMMUNI App.

KUMMUNI acknowledges and values the significance of fostering a strong sense of community among all our esteemed tenants, regardless of whether they reside in our coliving spaces or private apartments. In order to cultivate a deep sense of belonging, KUMMUNI has recently implemented a diverse range of community events and contests. These initiatives are designed to bring the valued tenants together and facilitate meaningful interactions and connections. By actively promoting community engagement, KUMMUNI remains committed to enhancing the overall living experience for all our esteemed residents.

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