Exclusive Interview with Toomaj Freydouny: Starting Over

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Brainz magazine recently conducted an exclusive interview with Toomaj Freydouny, the CEO of KUMMUNI, a Berlin-based real estate Tech startup. Toomaj, an originally Iranian marketing consultant, scholar, and serial entrepreneur, has been widely recognized for his expertise in marketing and his successful leadership of KUMMUNI.

Personal Background

Toomaj shared insights into his personal journey, describing his upbringing amidst the Iran-Iraq war and the Islamic revolution. He recounted his experiences as a political activist and the subsequent challenges that led to his immigration, emphasizing his commitment to creating a more inclusive society, especially in the rental process. Despite facing significant personal and professional challenges, including a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Toomaj remains determined to overcome adversities and make a positive impact.

Business Transformation and Leadership

Toomaj discussed the strategic shift he led at KUMMUNI, emphasizing the need for a new vision and culture to address the company’s initial financial struggles. He highlighted the pivotal role of his team and the importance of digitalization in driving efficiency and cost reduction. Despite the challenges associated with pivoting, Toomaj emphasized the resilience and informed decision-making required for successful strategic shifts.

Unique Offerings and Industry Disruption

Toomaj introduced KUMMUNI’s innovative “Choose Your Style” program, which allows tenants to select their furniture and even request apartment customization, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing a true sense of home for its tenants. Additionally, he emphasized the company’s unique approach to pricing, focusing on flexibility and fairness for tenants.

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