KUMMUNI Home Award

About KUMMUNI Home Award

This award is by merit to the tenant with the most organized and tidied home. 

To us, Home is not just a word, but a place where you can be whoever and whatever you want to be. That is why we’ve come up with the idea to reward our tenants who made their homes more homely. 

You are free to decorate your apartment to your own taste and make it feel like a home. You may also use traditional or local home beautifying accessories. 

In this contest, there will be 3 finalists, who will be visited and interviewed. The interview will be published on our socials with your consent.

Only 1 tenant will win the start prize. However, there will be consolation prizes for the 2nd and 3rd.

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Meet the Finalists

Meet the finalists of the 1st KUMMUNI Home Award

Win an iPhone by making it home!

Participating in the KUMMUNI Home Award contest is a breeze. To enter, all you have to do is upload a minimum of 5 photos of your apartment as a gallery post on your Instagram account. Don’t forget to tag us in the photos and use the caption “Hey #KUMMUNI check out my home”.

After the poll closes, we will select three finalists for the contest. We will then schedule a viewing of their homes and take photographs to share on our Instagram account. The photo that receives the most likes will be declared the winner.

The deadline to upload photos and increase your chances of winning an iPhone is fast approaching

The poll is closed!

You are qualified To participate in the contest only if;

  • You have stayed with KUMMUNI for at least a month. (Only for the first time of this contest)
  • You haven’t missed or delayed your rent. 
  • You currently have no outstanding debt to KUMMUNI.
  • No valid complaints from the neighbors 

How to start?

  • Follow our Instagram @KUMMUNI_gmbh
  • Upload 3 to 5 photos of your home (CoLiving tenants should upload individual photos of their rooms & the common areas such as the kitchen, hallways and bathroom)
  • Start the caption of your Post with: Hey #KUMMUNI check out my home
  • Write a short story about your experience in Berlin.
  • Tag @KUMMUNI_gmbh in at least one of the photos 

The RULES for Participation are;

  • This award is open only to tenants of KUMMUNI.
  • Tenant with overdue rent is exempted.
  • The apartment must be tidy and well arranged, decorated and feels like home.
  • Photoshopped or professionally edited photos will be automatically disqualified. (Contrast, saturation, and vibrancy should be unedited,  however, you may adjust the exposure)
  • Only 1 winner will be selected in a KUMMUNI CoLiving space.
  • Write a short story about your experience in Berlin 
  • Uploading and tagging of photos close in 3 weeks.
  • Results will be announced 1 Month after the polls close.

NOTE: No refund or exchange of the prize. SIM card may not be included. Exchange of the prize is not possible.

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