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The reputation and image of our brand hold immense significance for our business, as they serve as our most valuable and cherished asset. We take great pleasure in offering you the requested assets and resources, along with our comprehensive guidelines. These resources will aid you in gaining a thorough understanding of the proper utilization of our assets, including the dos and don’ts. It is crucial to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand.

Our name and logos play a crucial role in conveying our brand message. It is important that when using our logos or name, they do not have a negative impact on our core values of equity and fairness, loyalty, royalty, comfort, security and prestige. The way our brand is represented through our name and logos should align with these values, ensuring a positive and consistent image for our company.

Table of Contents

KUMMUNI header logotype logomark

Logos and Elements color

Alternative color and hover

Our logo may be displayed in any color if the primary color doesn’t match your design however the alternative color should not be listed as a restricted color. (Check restricted color) It is preferable to have one color from the logo visible on hover.

Color of background

Secondary color should not be used as a background color.

NOTE: If you are using a darker color as the background, you may  use #dfdce3 or #f1e8fc as the primary color.

Try to use one of the primary color as the background color.

Restricted color for the logos

It is strictly prohibited to display our name, logo mark or logotype in the specified color below:

  • Solid white
  • Solid black
  • Combination of White, Red, Black in any order
  • Combination of White, Red, Dark Blue in any order
  • Combination of Blue (#009ee0) or similar codes , Red and white in any order
  • Combination of Yellow, Red and Green in any order
  • Green
  • Combination of Yellow and Red in any order

Logotype vs Logo Mark

For a purpose except those mentioned below, only our logotype should be used.

The logo mark is specifically reserved as extra assets for icons, video thumbnails, media, blog and social media content, as well as background vectors.

Logo mark


  • Do not write our name in lowercase
  • Do not write our name in Italic
  • Our name should not be displayed using gradient.
  • The logos should not incorporate gradient in its design.
  • Our logotype should not be exhibited smaller then 200×44 pixels for the display online
  • Do not adjust the dimension of our logo.
  • Our logos and other elements must not be modified in any way.
  • Our logos should not be partially covered.
  • No elements should be added or removed from our logos.
  • Outdated logos should not be used.
  • No frame should be added around the logotype.
  • The logo should not use any background with texture.
  • Avoid adding shadow to the logo.
  • Our logo should not be used next to the name, symbol or logo of any political party if the political is the sponsor of the content.
  • Our logo should not be used next to any smoking or alcohol logo or name.
  • Refrain from using our logos in any context that promotes or endorses a particular ideology.
  • The use of our brand assets, including the name, logo type, and logo market, is strictly prohibited in any context that promotes or supports populism and hatred. This includes official organizations and political such as AFD, Hezbollah and others that embody these ideologies.

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