furnished Apartments in berlin with Anmeldung

Anmeldung (address registration) is available at all the properties of KUMMUNI. 

Registering yourself at an address is critical if you want to study, work or even open a bank account in Germany. However, if you are not planning to stay longer than 6 months at the apartment, Anmeldung is not mendatory. Yet, your university/ employee might still require the registration documents.

We will provide you with the documents so-called Wohnungsgeberbestätigung (Tenancy confirmation) which is required for the address registration. Via that document KUMMUNI legally allow you use the apartment as your official address.

Yes! You have only 14 days. Yet, an exception to this registration period (14 days) only exists if you are registered with an apartment in Germany and your stay in Berlin does not last longer than six months.
If you otherwise live abroad, a period of three months applies. Anyone who has not moved out after six or three months must register with the registration authority within 14 days

According to our rental contract, the tenant is not allowed to sublet the property for any reason. Not only subletting our properties can cause contract termination without notice, providing Wohnungsgeberbestätigung consider fraud.

According to the law if you are not planning to stay for long term, address registration is not necessary, especially if you are an EU citizen. However, if you are planning to stay for more than 6 months in one of properties, you must do Anmeldung.

  • personal identification or a passport
  • a registration form
  • a rental agreement
  • confirmation that you have moved in from the Landlord
  • children’s identification documents or birth certificates of children also moving in
  • marriage certificates as required

You can start the process by clicking here.

Furnished apartment in Berlin KUMMUNI

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We are the only landlord that gives the tenants the freedom to choose their furniture. This is 100% for free and at no extra cost. However, upgrading some furniture and equipment might require an additional but small payment. We call this program “Choose Your Style” and it’s available on most of our properties. If you would like know learn more about the program please click here.


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