How to apply for an Apartment on KUMMUNI?

Racial discrimination in housing in Germany has led many agents to provide apartments or houses to applicants with foreign names or immigration backgrounds only in exchange for a bribe. At KUMMUNI, not only are we strongly opposed to racism, we also have already prevented any possible abuse.

KUMMUNI® GmbH, with the help of EqualPixels Pvt Ltd., has developed its own software to prevent any discrimination. When you send us your apartment request, the financial supervisors will see your request first. These supervisors are selected at random and their job is to approve or reject applications solely based on one’s financial ability. Agents cannot reject your request once your request has been approved by one of our supervisors.

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What documents should I provide?

  • Purpose of stay – i.e., an employment agreement or a study enrollment
  • Proof of income – i.e., last 3 months of bank account activity or savings account or Blocked Account
  • Scan of passports ,visas and ID cards
  • Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung
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Applying for an apartment from KUMMUNI is very simple. First, find your desired location on, then register on the website and send your request to our financial team. Remember to send all the required documents in a zip file to our colleagues because if your documents are not complete, your application will be rejected. If you do not currently have one or more of the required documents for any reason, be sure to explain the reason.

Why are many apartments in the pictures not furnished?

We are the first furnished apartment rental agency to give tenants the freedom to choose their own furniture from our existing furniture. This is completely free and at no hidden charge.

When your request is approved by our financial supervisors, our website will send you an email and then you can log into your account and choose the model and color of the desired furniture and even the color of the wall.

Where should I upload my documents?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the property details and upload all required documents. If any documents is not available at the moment please don’t forget to address the issue otherwise there is a possibility that you get rejected. Also make sure you are not sending snapshots from your documents. That means the documents should perfectly scanned and readable.

Can I request a viewing?

We are the first and so far the only real estate company which can be also called a high-tech startup in the real estate market. We have developed our own software to fight discrimination and at the same time provide a unique opportunity for our tenants to choose their furniture for free. Unfortunately, scheduling a viewing is almost impossible for us due to too many requests. Yet, we only provide accurate, honest and realistic information about our properties. What you see online, is what you’ll get. We also provide a video tour of each property (from outside of the building, stairs, inside of the properties, rooms, WC, and kitchen.) 

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