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KUMMUNI offers a unique experience for those searching for furnished rental apartments in Berlin. Unlike other rental companies, KUMMUNI allows tenants to choose their own furniture. This means that tenants can personalize their living space to their liking, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.

At KUMMUNI, we pride ourselves on being an online rental company that is accessible to everyone. Our online platform makes it easy for tenants to search for and secure their ideal apartment from the comfort of their own home.

We believe in treating all tenants equally, which is why we have a strong Zero Discrimination Policy. Regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, everyone is welcome at KUMMUNI.  We charge tenants based on the size of the apartment, rather than the location or floor. This ensures that all tenants have access to affordable and fair pricing.


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Rental Apartments in Berlin in KUMMUNI Way

KUMMUNI offers rental apartments in Berlin so as CoLiving Spaces but in a unique way! Thanks to our unique program called Choose Your Style, our tenants enjoy the freedom of choosing the furniture for free. Unlike other companies that claim to provide “a home away from home,” KUMMUNI allows tenants to choose their furniture for free. This sets us apart from other any other rental company and gives our tenants the freedom to personalize their living space to their liking.

At KUMMUNI, we understand the importance of feeling at home in your living space. That’s why we offer a wide range of furniture options to choose from, ensuring that every tenant can find something that suits their style. Our program has been well-received by our tenants, who appreciate the opportunity to make their rental apartment truly feel like their own.

If you’re looking for rental apartments in Berlin and want the freedom to choose your own furniture, KUMMUNI is the perfect choice for you. With our Choose Your Style program, you can feel at home in your living space from day one.

Is it worth renting unfurnished?

Renting unfurnished apartments in Germany can present challenges, such as the potential lack of a kitchen or cabinets. However, if you choose to rent a furnished apartment from KUMMUNI, you can enjoy the convenience of having all costs included and a fully furnished space that is also affordable. Additionally, KUMMUNI stands out in the sector by offering tenants the opportunity to select their own furniture, free of charge.

Why rent in Berlin is so expensive?

Rent in Berlin is expensive due to a variety of factors. Discrimination in the housing market contributes to the shortage of available properties. Some landlords also contribute to the problem. Additionally, politicians and regulations also pose challenges in the rental market. The combination of these factors leads to the high cost of rent in Berlin.

Is it difficult to rent an apartment in Berlin?

Renting an apartment in Berlin is an incredibly difficult and frustrating process. The demand for housing far exceeds the supply, leading to skyrocketing prices and intense competition among potential tenants. The rental market in Berlin is notorious for its high rental costs, with prices continuing to rise year after year. Additionally, finding an available apartment that meets one’s needs and preferences is a daunting task, as the options are limited and often subpar. Overall, the process of renting an apartment in Berlin is a discouraging and disheartening experience.

However, with KUMMUNI, the process becomes much easier. Our Zero Discrimination Policy ensures that everyone has an equal chance to rent from us. Moreover, we charge our tenants based on the size of the property, rather than factors like the view or area. This allows for fair and transparent pricing. Additionally, tenants have the freedom to choose their own furniture or upgrade the existing furnishings.

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KUMMUNI Exclusive Furnished Apartments In Berlin

VASAGLE is the primary supplier of KUMMUNI, providing 80% of the furniture in our apartments. This partnership has allowed KUMMUNI to offer tenants a wide range of high-quality furniture options. Thanks to VASAGLE’s diverse product line, KUMMUNI has made it possible for tenants to select their own furniture for their new apartments. All of our rental apartments in Berlin are furnished exclusively with VASAGLE products.

Available Private Rooms & Apartments for rent in Berlin

KUMMUNI has a variety of apartments for rent in Berlin. Some are already furnished, but you have the option to upgrade if you desire. If the apartment is not already furnished, you can choose your desired furniture for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

KUMMUNI offer both furnished apartment and CoLiving in Germany. We are unique and here is why. KUMMUNI is the only company that offers tenants the option to choose their furniture at no extra cost. 

Even if you choose one of our already furnished spaces, you can still add or upgrade your furniture and equipment to make your living space truly your own. Our commitment to customizable living spaces sets us apart from any other furnished rental company in Berlin.

With KUMMUNI, you can experience CoLiving and furnished apartments in Germany like never before. We offer the flexibility to meet your wishes, whether you prefer a minimalistic aesthetic or a cozy, eclectic vibe. You can truly make your living space your own with KUMMUNI. Choose your own furniture and create a unique living space that reflects your personality and style.

KUMMUNI provides a customizable living experience that allows tenants to choose their furniture at no extra cost. Whether you are looking for CoLiving in Germany or renting an apartment, KUMMUNI offers the flexibility to meet your wishes and make your living space truly unique to you.

CoLiving in Germany is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals and students. This is because it is often cheaper than renting a studio apartment. 

CoLiving spaces offer shared amenities such as kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes even workspaces. Overall, CoLiving in Germany can be a cost-effective option for those looking for a sense of community and shared amenities. 

Almost every cost is included in the rent except the radio tax. 

KUMMUNI is the first and so far the only real estate company which can be also called a high-tech startup in the real estate market. We have developed our own software to fight discrimination and at the same time provide a unique opportunity for our tenants to choose their furniture for free. 

Unfortunately, scheduling a viewing is almost impossible for us due to too many requests. Yet, we only provide accurate, honest and realistic information about our properties. What you see online, is what you’ll get. 

We also provide a video tour of each property (from outside of the building, stairs, inside of the properties, rooms, WC, and kitchen.) If you would like to know about how accurate our photos, videos and description of our listings is here.

At KUMMUNI, we offer Anmeldung services to all our tenants across all our properties in Germany. This provides our tenants with the opportunity to register their residence in Germany, which is a legal requirement. We strive to make the process as easy and convenient as possible for our tenants.

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