How to complete a booking with KUMMUNI

Once a financial supervisor approves your application, you are supposed to receive an email from our system within a few minutes.

Choose Your Style/ Upgrade furniture
As long as you do not complete your inquiry the property will remain available on the listing and someone else can book the same property. For us, the first person who completes the inquiry and pays first consider to be the official tenant. 
We strongly advise you to complete the inquiry right after our system sent you the approval notification. Like that, you will have 48 hours to transfer the first rent and secure becoming the official tenant.

Those who applied for a property that the “Choose Your Style” program is available on it can by the provided link choose their furniture at no extra cost. In some cases, the system might offer you to upgrade, however, upgrading might require a small additional monthly payment. If additional payment is required, you can see the extra cost in advance. You have the freedom to upgrade or decline the offer.

If “Choose Your Style” on the apartment you applied for is not available, you have the chance to upgrade your application, or you can simply pass on the offer and take the apartment as was shown to you in the photos/ videos.
Unfortunately we are not able to customize a property before receiving the first rent and signed papers. Only applying for an apartment and choosing your furniture would not be enough.

If you have apply for the “Choose Your Style” program is will takes maximum 14 working days from transferring the first rent and signing the contract. If you choose to “Trust Our Taste” the process might be done in a shorter time. 

If you apply for an apartment that “Choose Your Style” is not offered, and you only upgrade some of the furniture/ equipments and you want to have a different wall paint, your new home will be ready within 5 to 7 working days from transferring the first rent and signing the contract.

Once you submit the list of your desired furniture, you will not be able to change/ edit your inquiry.

Although we would love to, however, sometimes some of the items are not available. In that case, our facility management department will edit your inquiry and you agent will inform you. 

Payments and Rental Contract
Unfortunately we are not able to customize a property before receiving the first rent and signed papers. Only applying for an apartment and choosing your furniture would not be enough.
You have only 48 hours from receiving the approval to transfer the first rent. In case you fail to do so, our finance and account department will close your application and you might not be able to apply for the same property again. 
In case you are transferring the first rent on Friday or during the weekends, it is always appreciated to send a copy of the transaction as proof to our financial supervisors. They will extend your payment deadline as during the weekend we might now receive your payment on our bank accounts.
Once the financial supervisors inform your agent about the payment, the agent will start preparing your contract. If you have applied from abroad you can receive a signed pdf meanwhile, however, before moving in, you are supposed to sign the original papers.
Please bear in mind our contract is written in German, however, you will receive a copy in English as well. Yet, only the German version considers as the official contract.
The deposit must be paid before moving in, to our deposit account. You can pay it at the same time you are transferring the first rent, or can be a day before moving in. Please note we are using an entirely different bank account for deposits.
We offer wire transfer and online banking if you would like to send the first rent on KUMMUNI’s bank account directly. If your bank doesn’t offer money transfers to Germany for any reason, you can use Housing Anywhere payment portal. 
Housing Anywhere is one of the most respected booking platforms in Europe and also is one of the official partners of KUMMUNI GmbH.
Cancellation & termination
You can cancel your application without penalty at any point. 
Yes, however, in that case our colleagues need to transfer the first rent back into you account. You need to bear with the cost and the hour costs. 
You need to login into your account on myKUMMUNI. Then navigate to “Contract cancellation” and submit your request. 
Yes! However, termination means you already have a rental contract with KUMMUNI. The cost of terminating a contract shortly after signing the contract is equivalent to one rent.
Terminating a contract shortly after signing the contract would not affect your deposit and you deposit will be retuned into your bank account within maximum 7 working days. However, this term would not be valid if the tenant has already moved into the property. For more information please review your rental contract.
Viewing an apartment

KUMMUNI is a tech startup and we are reviewing dozen of request each day. Unfortunately due to amount of high request we are not able to schedule a viewing. However, we only offer honest and realistic photos, videos and details for each property. Basically, you get what we promise! 

Your agent will be always happy to keep you inform about the process. Also, once the process was done they will send you photos and videos from your new home.
What is free and what else you should pay?
Hygiene: We are proving brand new pillows, duvet, bed sheets, set of towels, toiletries, etc. to every new tenant and that is free of charge. If you would like to learn more about KUMMUNI Hygiene Standard please click here.
Internet: Internet is almost available in all our properties and it is provided as a gift. All our tenants can enjoy high-speed internet provided by our official business partner Vodafone Business Center Berlin.
Final cleaning: The tenant has to pay for the final cleaning fee and you can find the cost on the property details.
Choosing furniture: It’s 100% free, however upgrading might requires an additional monthly payment.
If you have any questions regarding the booking process and rental contract please feel free to call our colleagues during the office time: +49 (0) 30 232 58 11 20

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