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Constanze Bungs
Constanze Bungs

030 232 58 11 20

About Your new job

We are looking for a responsible long-term employee in the field of preparatory accounting with experience in the hotel,- or housing industry. Ensuring a smooth flow of processes in the area of accounting will be your main task.

Your Responsibilities

  • Recording and posting of daily account movements
  • Recording and clarification of open items
  • Cooperation with the tax advisor in the context of the monthly /
  • annual financial statement
  • Support in the area of controlling
  • Deadline monitoring and /control as well as timely execution
  • Cooperation, assistance and exchange with internal interfaces
  • Reporting line to the management

Who you are

  • You have self-discipline and you are self-motivated
  • You have the ability to change the plan at the last minute
  • You have good communication skills
  • You are not change resistance
  • You are not against different cultures, but you are praising the differences
  • Even if you are not a mathematician, you understand numbers
  • Although you are a hard worker, you know how to work smart
  • You get the job done and you are not a quitter
  • You compete with everyone, even yourself
  • You work for the challenge, not only for the money
  • You are crazy enough to believe you can change things!


  • Completed relevant commercial training and several years of professional
  • experience in the required field of activity.
  • Demonstrably good knowledge of taxation, financial accounting, DATEV accounting and accounts payable and receivable accounting.
  • Experienced handling of DATEV as well as common Apple and MS – Office applications.
  • High affinity for numbers, systematic, independent and autonomous working style.
  • Team player
  • Friendliness, trustworthiness and discretion
  • Commitment, ability to work in a team, above-average social and
  • communication skills and high sense of responsibility.
  • Good knowledge of German (Fluent)
  • English is a plus

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KUMMUNI is a Berlin-based real estate Tech startup. Although countless real estate startups claim to be High-Tech, we are among the few businesses which are actually utilizing technology. We focus on the market of short-term rental of apartments to international students and young professionals, and in 2020 alone we were able to host hundreds of foreign tenants from all seven continents.

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