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Living abroad as a student, especially as an international student in Germany, is not always an easy task. We understand the financial implications that come with settling in Germany. International students must have about 10,000 Euro in a blocked account which they receive around 700 euro of it back every month. Except one is on a fully funded scholarship, student accommodation costs, feeding, and other daily expenses can make a student financially uncertain before the end of the month.

KUMMUNI®, as a coliving agency in Berlin, therefore seeks to ease the way as much as possible for international students. 

With the KUMMUNI Scholarship Program, we provide a reduced housing cost for international students to help them chase their dream. The KUMMUNI scholarship program is targeted at providing students with affordable student apartments with little or no costs. 

We have different scholarship programs available in KUMMUNI.

Everything You Need to Know

Benefits of the student apartment:

Apart from the cost-free apartment, the student enjoys the following benefits:

  • You have access to high-speed internet
  • Readily available equipment such as printers, studying lamps, etc.
  • There are fully furnished bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Anmeldung is possible with us.

Please note: Unlike our normal student apartments, you cannot choose the furniture model or color in this fully funded scholarship program

Who is qualified for the KUMMUNI Scholarship Program?

The following are the criteria to apply for the scholarship program:

  • You must be currently studying 
  • You must be a foreign student or a student from any other state 
  • You must be a Masters or PhD students
  • You must be able to show proof of proper academic background e.g. Research Publication, lectures or speeches etc. 
  • You must provide 2 recommendations from an academic person (Such as a current or former professors or supervisors)
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100% scholarship, 100% Rent* Free

In the 100% scholarship program, we offer 4 students a living space. The student apartment will be 100% rent free.

The approved students don’t need to pay for the services fee.

Also, an insurance Payment deposit (a small amount) is required. The payment deposit will be refunded at the end of the 6 months scholarship program. 

Duration: The 100% KUMMUNI Scholarship Program runs for 6 months. After the 6 months duration, students can decide to rent another apartment with us. This will make the apartment available for the next scholarship recipient. 

Renting a student apartment with us after the 6 months program qualifies them for a discount.

* Facility costs (Water, Electricity and ,etc. is not included) 

We offer 3 other scholarships as well

15%, 25% and 40% discounts

15% KUMMUNI Scholarship Program

Our 15% discount is always available for 21 people. This means that we cover 15% of the rent for 21 students. The qualified candidates will have to pay 85% of the service fee.

Duration- Always available

25% KUMMUNI Scholarship Program

Our 25% discount is available for 9 people every 6 months. This means that we cover 25% of the rent for only 6 months. The qualified candidates will have to pay 75% of the service fee*.

Duration- 6 months

40% KUMMUNI Scholarship Program

Our 40% discount is available for 6 people every 6 months. This means that we cover 40% of the rent for only 6 months. The qualified candidates will have to pay 60% of the service fee.

Duration- 6 months

* Our service fee is 150 Euro. This cover the cost of cleaning, paper work, key sets and ,etc.

Where to start, What to do

Is there any binding document to sign?

Yes. Regardless of how many percent of scholarship you might receive, you will need to sign the rental contract. And for whatever reason, you can decide to cancel your contract anytime.

Will there be a point of call?

Yes, there will be a video meeting only for qualified candidates for the 100%, 40%, 25% scholarship programs. The 15% scholarship doesn’t require the video meeting.

Required documents:

  • Copy of a valid ID card, Visa or Travel document/passport
  • Cover letter
  • The cover letter should be a maximum of 1000 words to be written in English or German. It should contain the following details (who you are, course of study, why you should be considered for the scholarship, your hobbies, interests, and LinkedIn or Xing profile.)
  • Proof of enrollment  

The following documents are also to be submitted (with the exception of the 100% scholarship programs candidates)

  •  Arbeitsvertrag (working contract) if available
  • Lohnabrechnung der letzten drei Monate (payroll for the last 3 months)
  • Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung. (If already living in Germany before the time of application)
  • Schufa-Nachweis 

How to apply:

  • You can apply by filling the application form on our website.
  • Upon acceptance, you will receive a letter and you will also be informed through your phone contact.

Feedback Duration

The duration of submission and hearing from us can be within a month. However, if after a month you do not hear from us, it means your application couldn’t make it. But, don’t give up. There’s always a chance to apply again. So, apply again. And if not, we trust you can find better options with us beyond the scholarship programs. 

Good luck!

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