Terms of Lease Extension

In essence, contracts in KUMMUNI are six months. However, we would be happy if we could host you for another five months if you request an extension.

Basic Terms

Accordingly, contract renewal will only be possible if:

  1. The intended property is still available from the part of owner
  2. The request for contract extension is sent directly by the tenant at least one month before the end of the contract term.
  3. The tenant has fulfilled all his commitments in accordance with the contract
  4. The tenant is still able to afford the rent
  5. The tenant has kept the apartment in proper and clean conditions
  6. The furniture has not been damaged by the tenant

What happens after 11 months?

KUMMUNI only has short term fully furnished apartments; however, since all of our apartments have exactly the same equipment and the same furniture, moving from one apartment to another will not be difficult.

You can also change your furniture from time to time at no cost. If you choose your apartment from another agency instead of KUMMUNI, such a luxury issue will not be possible so easily.

How to send a contract extension request

Requesting* an extension is very simple. Log in to your myKUMMUNI account and select the option to extend the contract from the left panel and upload the required documents. Your application will be sent to your finance department and agent at the same time. If your apartment is available for the duration of your stay, your agent will arrange an appointment with you at your place of residence, and you can only renew your contract if other renewal conditions are available. Contract renewal can be for a duration between 1 to 5 months.

*The contract renewal request should only be submitted through your account on the KUMMUNI website. Requests made in other ways, such as orally, will not be effective.

Terms of Contract Extension

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