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Personal liability insurance covers situations in which the insured person caused personal damage, object damage, injury, loss, or wealth damage to a third party or their property. It will also examine claims asserted against you to satisfy justified claims, and to defend the insured against unjustified claims. While playing sports or enjoying your time abroad, it feels good knowing that your personal liability insurance has you covered. However, damages that are caused intentionally are excluded.

Liability Insurance

Introducing Feuersozietät, KUMMUNI's partner

Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg Versicherung AG, founded in 1718 is one of Germany’s most famous insurance companies.

True to the slogan: “We care about your safety”, Feuersozietät has developed a special offer for all tenants of KUMMUNI®. Thanks to Feuersozietät, tenants who are renting a property from KUMMUNI in 2023 while having a private liability insurance can enjoy a special discount of 20% on the deposit fee.

This means that tenants, especially those who are living in a co-living space can enter into a tenancy relationship with even more peace of mind and enjoy their everyday life more carefree.

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Certain risks are not insured. You need separate coverage for these. These include, for example:

  •  professional activity keeping
  • dogs and horses
  • Moreover, Feuersozietät will only pay for damages up to the agreed insured sums. If you have agreed on a deductible, this must be taken into account for each claim.

The amount oft h e agreed sum insured can be found in your application or insurance policy.

The personal liability insurance is valid worldwide. Even if you cause liabilitydamageduring a temporarystay abroad (e.g. vacation, student exchange), youare protected.

For example, there are the following obligations:
– Please provide truthful and complete information int h e insurance application.
– Inform us whether andin what form the insured risk haschanged.
– It is possible that youwill berequested byus to eliminate special circumstances that threaten danger.
– Notify us immediately of any claim, even if no claims fordamages have yet been made against you. -You are obliged toavert or reduce the damage as far as possible and to support us bytruthful damage reportsi n the damage investigation a n dsettlement.

You must pay the first amount no later than two weeks after receiving the insurance policy.When you have to pay thefurther premiums is stated in theinsurance policy. Depending on the agreement between us, thiscan be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can transfer the premium tousor authorize us to collect the premium from your account.

When the insurance begins is stated in the insurance policy.The prerequisite si that you have paid the first insurance premium on time and in full.Youcan take out theinsurance for a period ofone year orthree years and it is valid for theinitially agreed period. Unless otherwise agreed, it si automatically renewed thereafter for a further year at a time, unless you or we cancel the contract.

You or we can terminatet h e contract at the end of the agreed period (this must be done at least three months
in advance). In addition, you or we can terminate the contract prematurely. This is possible, for example, after the occurrence of the insured event. Then the insurance ends before the end of theagreed duration.

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