liability insurance

Personal liability insurance covers situations in which the insured person caused personal damage, object damage, injury, loss, or wealth damage to a third party or their property. It will also examine claims asserted against you to satisfy justified claims, and to defend the insured against unjustified claims. While playing sports or enjoying your time abroad, it feels good knowing that your personal liability insurance has you covered. However, damages that are caused intentionally are excluded.

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Introducing Feuersozietät, KUMMUNI's partner

Introducing Feuersozietät, KUMMUNI's partner

Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg Versicherung AG, founded in 1718 is one of Germany’s most famous insurance companies.

True to the slogan: “We care about your safety”, Feuersozietät has developed a special offer for all tenants of KUMMUNI®. Thanks to Feuersozietät, tenants with private liability insurance can rent a property with a special discount of 20% on the deposit fee.

This means that tenants, especially those who are living in a co-living space can enter into a tenancy relationship with even more peace of mind and enjoy their everyday life more carefree.

KUMMUNI Support Center

Here are some tips which you might find useful during your stay:

1- Make a long term contract for public transportation (BVG)

If you make a long-term contract with BVG you will pay roughly 60 Euro per month rather than 85 Euro monthly tickets. Keep in mind, daily and weekly tickets can be quite expensive. 

2- Energy can be quite expensive 

During the cold season try to keep yourself warm by wearing more while you are at home. That can save you a lot of money.

3- Sundays in Germany!

Everywhere is closed on Sundays except hospitals, Police stations and etc. 

4- SOS numbers

In case of emergency, always dial 112 or 110. They  have English-speaking operators as well but that doesn’t mean every operator can speak English. You can simply ask them to put an English-speaking operator on the phone.

5- Stay in touch

In case you need support regarding your apartment please feel free to stay in touch with us. It is better that you write us an email. 

6- Registration of an apartment

According to German law, it is essential that you register yourself at the address within 14 days after moving.

7- Read before signing

Legal documents are not provided in English or another language rather than German as only German documents are considered valid. When it comes to making contracts for SIM cards and so on, make sure you read the terms as you might be bound for a long time to a contract. Besides many companies offer a different price for the first 6 months and after that, the price will be increased dramatically.


VASAGLE is the main and most important supplier of KUMMUNI. 80% of the furniture in our apartments is from VASAGLE products. Thanks to this cooperation and quality and different products of VASAGLE, the idea of choosing furniture by the customer was made possible for the first time by KUMMUNI. Most of our properties, whether co-living place for students, studio apartments or business class apartments, are furnished with the products of this furniture supplier, and from mid-2022, all KUMMUNI apartments will be furnished with VASAGLE products.

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