Student Accommodation in Magdeburg

Discover the unparalleled comfort of our fully furnished private rooms in the student accommodation in Magdeburg. KUMMUNI, a beacon of excellence imported from Berlin, presents an irresistible opportunity to indulge in affordable luxury. Experience the harmonious blend of convenience and elegance that awaits you in our carefully curated living spaces.

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Student Accommodation in Magdeburg From KUMMUNI features:

Affordable Rooms

All cost are included

Perfectly furnished

We only offer perfectly furnished rooms

We don't use sample photos

One time gift

Brand-New Bedding & Towels

Customer Support

We "do" have customer service

Student Housing in Magdeburg

The concept of the best student housing in Magdeburg is subjective and varies depending on individual preferences; however, we may just be the perfect fit! KUMMUNI is an innovative proptech startup that offers tenants the freedom to select their own furnishings and personalize their living space according to their tastes. Unlike other companies, KUMMUNI recognizes the significance of feeling at home in a new environment and grants tenants the autonomy to truly make their living space their own.

At KUMMUNI, tenants can relish the convenience of all-inclusive monthly rent. This means that expenses such as energy consumption, electricity, and other costs are already encompassed. This allows tenants to have a transparent understanding of their monthly expenditures and avoid any unexpected bills.

Our dedication to providing a comfortable living experience for our tenants is exemplified through our Care Package. Each new tenant receives a brand-new bedding set, including a duvet, pillows, sheets, and covers, ensuring a restful night’s sleep from the very first night. Additionally, we provide complimentary toiletries for initial use.

Last but certainly not least, Anmeldung is available for all our student accommodation in Magdeburg!

Student accommodation in magdeburg for rent
Student Accommodation in Magdeburg ,KUMMUNI's Way
Compare KUMMUNI's student Housing in Magdeburg with any other and see the noticeable difference with your own eyes!
Student accommodation in magdeburg for rent

At KUMMUNI, we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency. We believe in showing our properties exactly as they are. We never use fake photos, only real and realistic ones. We are confident in the accuracy of our listings, so much so that we offer an immediate full refund during the handover protocol if our tenants notice any significant inaccuracies.

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Advantages of Student Accommodation in Magdeburg from KUMMUNI

The main difference between student accommodation in Magdeburg and KUMMUNI is as follows: In Magdeburg, we offer fully furnished student housing with all costs included in your monthly rent. Additionally, we provide brand new bedding and towels, as well as free maintenance and facility services. Unlike other accommodations, we base your payment on the size of the place rather than the location.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the average cost of student accommodation in Magdeburg from KUMMUNI?

KUMMUNI offers student accommodation in Magdeburg at a competitive price. Our student housing provides private rooms that are perfectly furnished, and all costs are included in the monthly rent. The starting price for a private room in our student housing is 200 euros per month.

Can I find furnished student accommodation in Magdeburg on KUMMUNI?

On KUMMUNI, you can find exclusively furnished student accommodation in Magdeburg. Unlike other landlords who offer bare buildings, our housing comes fully equipped rooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. With us, you can focus solely on your studies without any worries.

How can I apply for a student accommodation in Magdeburg on KUMMUNI?

Applying for student accommodation in Magdeburg through KUMMUNI is a simple process. First, visit our website to find the desired room. Then, upload the required documents. Our system will promptly review your application. If all necessary documents are provided, you will receive an approval from us. Once approved, you can proceed to book the room.

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