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What Is Co-Living?

& How Is Co-Living in Berlin

Coliving in Berlin is a type of living where residents live in a furnished apartment with a private bedroom but share common areas. It is becoming a popular way of living in Berlin, other German cities and places where housing issues and costs exist. Coliving is workable for students, young professionals, company staff and individuals migrating. 

In this current time of housing crises and overpopulation, people now look for convenience, affordability, and a sense of community. Coliving creates an easier and affordable way for people and even migrants to reside in their favorite place in a city like Berlin. 

Coliving in Berlin is having the Berlin city feeling that offers you a furnished, move-in-ready home, saving you cost and time that comes with renting an apartment.

In coliving, you enjoy your privacy and also have the communal feeling whenever you need. It is a two way win. You have privacy and you have people too anytime you want. Most times, your roommates are people who share the same interests with you. So you get to do things in common beyond sharing common spaces.

KUMMUNI homes are fully furnished. We offer a 3 bedroom furnished apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom. You have the liberty to choose the model and color of your room furniture. It is more like living with roommates in the city but with better amenities, a homely atmosphere, more convenience and less costs and stress. 

So, is it like dorms or hotels for adults?

Coliving is beyond having private rooms and shared spaces. It entails more than renting an apartment or hotel in Berlin. For us, coliving is not the same as hotel rooms with common dining, laundry or kitchen areas. It is the comfort and home experience: A private room, shared spaces, free essentials, discounts, and scholarship options, the love of roommates and choice of furnishing. We give homes and a sense of communal living. A feeling of home where we wake up with joy to begin our journey.

Unlike the student dorms and hotel apartments, the people you meet through our coliving spaces in Berlin are from different backgrounds yet they have one thing in common: everyone craves a home away from home where comfort and convenience is guaranteed. If that’s what you seek, then be certain that a thousand others seek the same too. That is why our coliving is about you- bringing you closer to people who care much about you than they care about where you came from.

Why KUMMUNI Is So unique

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KUMMUNI is exceptional not only because we have a zero discrimination policy that brings international students, young professionals or company staff together to begin their story in a home through coliving in Berlin, we are also the only CoLiving company that allows you to “choose your own furniture” with no additional cost. The only criteria for you is that you seek a home!

It is very difficult for a non-German to easily find an apartment in Berlin and Germany as a whole. The annoying interviews, questions with the constant discrimination and rejection can dampen your drive to start your journey in a new city. But with KUMMUNI, your dreams are valid. We don’t care about your race but about your needs-a home where your story begins.


KUMMUNI Fully furnished apartment, What Is Co-Living

Trust us to serve you amazing offers you can hardly find in the European housing market.

Our coliving apartments cover any duration beginning with a six months short term. However, you can always extend the contracts for some of the properties.

We offer affordable rents that include energy, facility costs, and other utilities. Toiletries are available for the first month to help you comfortably settle in. You can hardly find these offers elsewhere.

Again, because we are not just selling space, we are selling a lifestyle, you can choose between our available furniture (the model and color) and the paints for your rooms. We understand the student’s lifestyles and struggles. So, we ensure you feel at home in your space and enjoy communal relationships with others.

More so, with KUMMUNI, you can get Anmeldung (address registration) on almost all our properties. Yes! It is a rare offer but you get it with us even for our 6-months contracts.

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