Why Co-Living in Berlin?

Why Co-Living?

Coliving in Berlin gives you more than an apartment

While coliving might not be the only option for housing solutions. It is becoming one of the best options for any immigrant in a new city. Coliving is even now popular as people now crave for more sense of security, community and lovely neighborhoods. Apart from these, what other reasons make people opt for coliving?

  1. Coliving offers you Affordability

Coliving is affordable. For an international student, you have a lot of uncertainties and expenses to do. Looking for a single apartment has a lot of hassles with it. Coliving saves you the cost of dealing with rental agents, scheduling interviews that do not guarantee you’re getting an apartment or even the one you would afford or like. But by coliving with Kummuni, you are saving the costs as well as getting an affordable apartment that meets your pockets as an international student or young professional. You don’t have to bother about meeting dealers for your utility bills, all of that is captured in the payment.

Coliving saves you the stress of being stranded in a foreign land. It affords you lower cost for housing in a city with high rental prices. How easy can that be?

  1. Coliving Offers You Community

Coliving in Berlin gives you more than an apartment but a home. To get along in a new city will require meeting and interacting with people often. Coliving gives you the opportunity not just to meet new people but to interact more with them. You enjoy the comfort of home, a private space and accommodating roommates.

Here, you get that home experience you need to build your dream. 

  1. Coliving Offers you Convenience

With coliving by KUMMUNI, you enjoy convenience and no stress on furnishing your apartment. Coliving saves you the stress of getting household equipment. Think of juggling between studies or work in a new environment and shopping for home essentials. In KUMMUNI, your one month toiletries are guaranteed that way you can focus and comfortably settle in. So all you need to start your journey in Berlin is your dream, drive and personal belongings. What could be more convenient?


Why Co-Living

Coliving offers you the option of a beautiful home

Imagine moving into a single apartment and you have to furnish and decorate every bit of it? Considering what’s left in your pocket after the home hunting that might be another burden. But with coliving, you can find beautiful home decors that suit your taste for virtual or personal reasons.

More so, in KUMMUNI, we have the option of you choosing your furniture color and model as well as the wall coloring for your private room. That’s an offer you can hardly find elsewhere whether as a single apartment or other coliving spaces.

Coliving offers you Acceptance

The psychological effects of rejection can weaken your resolve to make it in a city. That is why KUMMUNI through coliving ensures you don’t have to worry about not being German. We understand that it can be harsh out there for international students. So, we have a zero discrimination policy right from the point of call till you settle in. We accommodate all who wish to stay and ensure you have every reason to start your story with us. Say no to the struggle and get an inclusive coliving space with KUMMUNI.

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