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Are you tired of dealing with vacancies, unpredictable tenants, paperwork, cost of maintenance, tax, and the Law on the one hand? Well, Worry no more because KUMMUNI got you!

With our top-notch facility department, CRM, E-support system, and exquisite property management department, KUMMUNI is here to ease and take away all the burdens, So that you as the Landlord can rest, breathe softly, think less, smile to the bank and enjoy your life as a property owner!

CoLiving in Berlin from KUMMUNI

In cooperation with top established partners in the real estate industry, KUMMUNI GmbH develops an all-round carefree package for landlords and takes care of tenant acquisition, administration, housing maintenance, furnishings of the apartments as well as timely rent payments – especially in the event of a vacancy and the associated problems.

KUMMUNI is not a booking platform although we own an efficient booking platform. We are not also an online marketplace, although we have created a powerful marketplace. We are not a property management company, although we offer free facility support to all our landlords! We are something else. We are known as KUMMUNI!

KUMMUNI vs Booking Platforms

A Booking Platform

Rent out your apartment Faster Easier 

KUMMUNI offers basic rents to those landlord who are not interested in renovating and refurbishing their properties.  However, if you are willing to renovate and furnish your property, we would also offer you a highe rent.

Although KUMMUNI is known for having almost a zero vacancy, time by time we might can’t find a tenant right away for a few of our properties. However, that shouldn’t concerns you since we start and keep paying your rent always fully and on time.

Good news for you! You shouldn’t be worried at all because we are financially responsible and we will take care of the issue on our own.

We only rent out fully furnished properties. Whether it’s a shared apartment (CoLiving) or the entire place. Yet, if you property is already furnished, we can talk about maximum rent.

This is why all our property owners prefer working with KUMMUNI because we are not a real estate broker. In he rental contract we will be mentioned as the landlord and we will be responsible for almost everything regarding to the tenancy law, rules and norms. This is a hassle free partnership for you as the property owner. 

Not at all! That is why you should avoid booking platforms. First they will try to convince you to rent out your property for way higher rent and later you will struggle with the late payments, the law and etc, second, a booking platform will demand up to 15% commission of the whole monthly rent. 

We know the law! Also we see your property as an asset to our company and that’s why not only we take the maximum care of it, we won’t put you in a risky position only because of our benefit. We won’t offer your property for less than 6 months which that means we are not paying VAT. If the one who has signed the rental contract with the tenant decides to go out out the agreement, the owner of the property will be in charged. If the rental contract was less that a 6 months, you need to pay VAT, and not only on your property but your whole income! 

We have a solid community rule which only those who are willing to sign the agreement may take a property from us. Those who are not respecting our rule (regarding hygiene, house rules and the norms) are always in risk of termination of the rental contracts. On the other hand, thanks to our brand positioning, unlike many other companies we always attract decent, respectful and fair tenants. 

We always ask for a fair but secure amount of deposit from our tenants. We also encourage all our tenants to either have liability insurance from Feuersozietät- our business partner or any other insurance company. Still, if their amount of deposit nor the liability insurance cannot cover the damage, KUMMUNI GmbH will take full responsibility. In other words, you don’t need to be worried at all since you sign the rental contract with us and not our tenants. 

Not even a bit! KUMMUNI marketing team will take care of all at no time. Also unlike booking platforms that they usually charge the owner for photography, videography and creating and Exposé, you won’t need to be concern about the costs. 

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Rent Out Your Apartments with KUMMUNI

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