How to Enjoy Living Cheaply as an International Student in Berlin

International Student in Berlin
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If you ask most international students anywhere in the world what they need the most, chances are most would say- to have more money. The enthusiasm most international students experience when they arrive in Berlin fades as soon as the cost of living begins to take its toll on their pocket.

Many international students are struggling to make ends meet, have a decent place to stay and still have enough time to devote to their education. Initially, the novel feeling of being in a different place overtakes them. They might constantly engage the vibrant nightlife Berlin has to offer, spend much time and money buying souvenirs they don’t need and taking expensive exploration trips. Soon, many international students in Berlin realize that it might be harder to maintain such an expensive lifestyle. In this post, you’ll find ways to live cheaply in Berlin as an international student.

If you’re a student, you know how important it is to either cut back on your spending or make more money. Both of these options are essential; if you want to live cheaply in Berlin and still enjoy yourself. Some simple ways you can live cheaply in Berlin include:

  • Find ways to save money

As an international student, you might not have all the financial resources to explore Berlin or have dinner at fancy extravagant restaurants frequently. It might be wiser for you to set up a budget for all your spending expenses so you can save more. Thankfully, it is remarkably cheaper and easier to get food in Berlin than in most places in other European countries like France or the UK.

However, living in Berlin can become equally expensive when there is no moderation. Find creative ways to live cheaply: buy food at cheaper prices in grocery stores, especially the discount shops. Tour historical sites as a student and at very little costs instead of planning expensive getaway trips. And, cut back on your impulsive shopping habits.

  • Find a Job

You could also get more money as an international student in Berlin by getting a job. Maybe you’re a student barely making ends meet. It’s no fun studying when you’re hungry or can’t think straight because of financial pressure. A way you can handle this is by applying for temporary work in or outside your University.

  • Coliving (Wohngemeinschaft- WG)

Did you ever move into a new neighbourhood, friendly and full of hope only to have your neighbour shut the drapes sharply? It hurts. Yeah, it does

What if as an international student in Berlin, you’re confronted with the same hostility from your roommate?

Or maybe you’re uncomfortable for a whole different reason. Maybe your room is too small or you find it hard to have time for yourself because people keep encroaching on your space.

Whatever your reasons are, you don’t have to keep enduring unfavorable living conditions.

While thoughts of moving out and getting your own space might have flitted through your mind, the thought of additional financial expenses might be making it hard for you to move. But, it does not have to be that way.

A simple and cost-effective way to enjoy low-cost accommodation is Coliving.

Coliving is a kind of communal living where basic amenities and utilities are shared by people living together but with open spaces as well as personal rooms.

Unlike the neighbourhood you moved in to, where you were not sure if your neighbour would like or accept you, with Coliving you can be sure that whoever you’re sharing a home with wants to share as well.

Rent a Shared or Private Apartment
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Coliving is less expensive for an international student because:

  • Amenities and Furniture are readily available.

Imagine trying to find a rental home and still furnish it on your student budget. Imagine paying for home appliances, basic toiletries and furniture when you eventually find a place to stay. Even with a roommate, these expenses can be quite overwhelming.

With Coliving however, almost everything you need in terms of furniture, amenities and utilities are made available to you. What’s more interesting is that you can use all these as often as you like as long as your monthly fee subsists. You can also have access to a more stable internet connection than your school might have and more social amenities.

Another reason to ‘colive‘ is that it can impact your budget positively.

Yes, this is one of the ways you can live cheaply in Berlin as a student. You can save all that extra money that goes to gas, toiletries and more.

There’s the fear of racial discrimination when it comes to coliving and finding apartment. But, with an agency like KUMMUNI, you are covered. They stand out with no racial bias. It’s a principle of want it?  Have it.


-It can also help to build a strong and vibrant network.

Coliving fosters a sense of community. It is a great opportunity for people to meet and interact in a rewarding way. By sharing open spaces and certain events, people who live in Coliving spaces rarely feel alone, left out and alone. It can make it easier for students to reach out for help and also feel less stressed.

Also, quite a lot of money spent on organizing parties, shows and going on trips can be saved as most convenient living spaces hosts social events regularly to boost social interactions within home sharers.

Coliving also makes it easier to for you move in and out and is better for the environment as it helps reduce the amount of waste footprint you generate.

Living cheaply in Berlin does not have to come with denying yourself all the pleasures the city has to offer. You can live moderately and ‘colive‘ with others to enjoy an enriching experience in Berlin.

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