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train tickets in germany
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Buying train tickets in Germany can often seem like a daunting task for visitors, with options to purchase online or directly at the train station causing some confusion. However, the convenience of the German train system, where there’s no need for check-in and passengers can simply walk into the station, check the indicator board for their train, and hop on just before departure, makes traveling across the country seamless and enjoyable. This system underscores Germany’s commitment to efficient and accessible public transportation.

Navigating the process of buying train tickets in Germany, especially for those preferring the convenience of the Deutsche Bahn English platform, is significant for ensuring a smooth travel experience. The forthcoming guide aims to demystify the steps for purchasing train tickets online, offering insights into the different types of tickets available and tips for securing them at the best prices. This comprehensive manual not only simplifies the ticket buying process but also encourages travelers to explore Germany by train with ease and confidence.

Understanding the German Train System

Navigating the German train system is an essential part of planning your travel across Germany. Deutsche Bahn (DB) operates the majority of trains, offering a variety of services to accommodate different travel needs and preferences:

  • High-Speed and Long-Distance Trains: These include the InterCity Express (ICE), ICE Sprinter, InterCity (IC), and EuroCity (EC) trains. They connect major cities with speeds up to 300 km/h, offering amenities like dining cars, first-class seating, and Wi-Fi. Reservations for these trains are recommended to secure your preferred travel times.
  • Regional and Local Trains: For shorter distances or travels within a region, trains such as the InterRegio-Express (IRE), Regional-Express (RE), Regionalbahn (RB), and S-Bahn are ideal. These trains do not require reservations and offer set fares, making them a cost-effective option for local travel. They connect smaller towns with larger cities and provide frequent services.
  • Specialty Trains and International Partners: Night trains offer sleeper and couchette coaches for comfortable overnight travel to international destinations. DB also partners with other European rail services like ÖBB Railjet, DSB Train, SNCF’s TGV, České dráhy, and Trenitalia to extend travel options beyond Germany’s borders. These partnerships facilitate seamless travel across Europe, enhancing the convenience of using train tickets in Germany for broader explorations.

Understanding these options helps in planning your journey effectively, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience across Germany and beyond.

Types of Train Tickets Available

In exploring the diverse range of train tickets Germany offers, travelers can find an array of options catering to various needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the types of tickets available:

  • Discounted Tickets:
    • Sparpreis: Enjoy up to 85% off full-price tickets for early bookings.
    • SuperSparpreis: Extremely affordable starting from €19.99, albeit with a limited availability on selected journeys.
    • BahnCards: Frequent travelers can benefit from Bahncard25, Bahncard 50, and Bahncard 100, offering 25%, 50%, and 100% discounts respectively.
  • Digital and Flexible Options:
    • Digital Ticket: Book almost all rail offers online and use either as a mobile phone ticket or a printed PDF.
    • Base Ticket (Super Saver Fare): Specific to chosen trains, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable.
  • Special Offers and Passes:
    • Germany Day Ticket/Regional Day Ticket: Ideal for day trips within regions.
    • German Rail Pass: Offers “Twin” discounts for two traveling together and free travel for up to two children under 12 with each passholder.
    • Deutschlandticket: Provides unlimited travel on regional transport nationwide for €49 a month, valid on all regional trains and local transport but not on long-distance ICE & IC trains.

Each ticket type comes with its own set of fare conditions, emphasizing the importance of checking these before purchase to ensure they meet your travel needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Tickets Online

To embark on your journey of purchasing train tickets in Germany online, follow these streamlined steps for a hassle-free experience:

  1. Enter Your Travel Details:
    • Navigate to the Deutsche Bahn website at int.bahn.de or consider using third-party platforms like Omio and Trainline for a more user-friendly interface.
    • Input your departure and arrival cities, along with your preferred travel dates and number of passengers.
  2. Selecting Your Ticket:
    • Browse through the search results to find the train that best fits your schedule and budget. Remember, booking early on platforms like int.bahn.de can secure you the best fares, especially for high-speed trains.
    • For long-distance travel, consider booking digital tickets which can be purchased up to 10 minutes after departure. Local transport tickets can be booked until shortly before departure.
  3. Finalizing Your Purchase:
    • Once you’ve chosen your train, proceed to make seat reservations if necessary. This step is crucial for ensuring your comfort, especially on longer journeys.
    • Review your travel details, then proceed to payment. The DB website and app accept all international credit cards, and tickets can be bought without a booking fee.
    • After the purchase, remember to print your ticket if required, as some discounted fares may necessitate a physical copy.

By following these steps, travelers can navigate the online booking process with ease, ensuring a smooth start to their journey across Germany.

Tips for Finding Cheaper Train Tickets

To secure the best deals on train tickets in Germany, savvy travelers employ a variety of strategies. Here’s how you can save on your next journey:

  • Book Early: Prices for train tickets in Germany escalate as the travel date approaches. Securing your tickets early can lead to significant savings, with options like Sparpreis and SuperSparpreis offering discounts of up to 85% offthe standard fare for those who plan ahead.
  • Leverage Discount Cards: The BahnCard is a must-have for frequent travelers. It offers up to 50% off on Sparpreis and Flexpreis tickets. Even occasional travelers can benefit from the savings, making it a worthwhile investment.
  • Opt for Regional Trains and Off-Peak Travel:
    • Regional trains are a cost-effective alternative to high-speed trains, priced based on distance rather than demand, and do not require seat reservations, adding to the savings.
    • Traveling during off-peak hours can also uncover cheaper tickets, as demand significantly influences pricing.
  • Utilize Online Tools and Alternative Transport:
    • The Deutsche Bahn website features a Best Fare Finder tool, helping users easily locate the most affordable fares for their journey.
    • Comparison websites such as Check24 and GoEuro allow travelers to compare prices across different operators, ensuring they get the best deal available.
    • For some journeys, alternative modes of transport like buses and carpooling might offer a more budget-friendly option.

By combining these strategies, travelers can enjoy the efficiency and comfort of Germany’s train system without overspending.

How to Use the Deutsche Bahn Website

Navigating the Deutsche Bahn (DB) website and its mobile app presents a streamlined process for purchasing train tickets and accessing vital train travel information. Here’s how to maximize these digital tools for an efficient travel planning experience:

  • Website Features:
    • Station Information: The DB website is a treasure trove of information, especially for travelers interested in specifics about major train stations such as Cologne and Munich. This feature aids in planning your arrival and departure, ensuring you know exactly where to go once you’re at the station.
    • Mobile App: For those on the move, the DB Navigator mobile app is an indispensable tool. It not only allows for easy booking of tickets but also provides real-time train information, making it easier to adjust travel plans on the go.
  • Purchasing Tickets at the Station:
    • While the convenience of online booking is clear, travelers also have the option to purchase tickets directly at the train station. Automated ticket machines offer a quick way to buy tickets without waiting in line, and for more complex travel needs or questions, the ticket window is staffed with personnel ready to assist.

This blend of digital and in-person resources ensures that whether you’re planning your journey from home or making last-minute travel decisions at the station, Deutsche Bahn offers accessible options to suit every traveler’s needs.

What to Do After Purchasing Your Ticket

After securing your train tickets in Germany, the journey towards a seamless travel experience is just beginning. Here’s what to do next:

  • Proceed to the Station: With your ticket in hand (or on your mobile device), head straight to the station. There’s no need for check-in, so you can bypass any queues and head directly to the departure area.
  • Find Your Train: Look for the indicator board upon arrival to locate your train. These boards are updated in real-time and will direct you to the correct platform.
  • Boarding: You can hop on your train any time before its scheduled departure. Remember, mobile tickets are accepted on all German trains, offering a hassle-free boarding process.

Travel Tips:

  • Download the DB Navigator App: For real-time updates and easy access to your digital tickets.
  • Learn Basic Train-Related Vocabulary: Knowing a few key phrases in German can enhance your travel experience.
  • Arrive Early: To find your platform, especially if your train is divided and heading to different destinations.
  • Be Prepared: Have your ticket and ID ready for ticket controllers and familiarize yourself with the train’s amenities like WiFi, on-board restaurants, and bathrooms.


What’s the top app for purchasing train tickets in Germany?

The Deutsche Bahn Navigator app is essential for anyone traveling in Germany. It offers real-time updates on train schedules, as well as information on buses and trams. Additionally, it allows users to buy tickets and check fares directly through the app.

How can I purchase train tickets in Germany?

There are two main ways to purchase train tickets in Germany:

  1. At the station on the day of travel, using a ticket machine. These machines have an option to switch to English, making the process easier by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Online, in advance of your travel date, which can often be more convenient and potentially offer savings.

Is purchasing train tickets ahead of time more economical in Germany?

Yes, buying your train tickets in advance, from a week up to several months before your trip, can lead to substantial savings. This is particularly true for faster or longer journeys and applies not only in Germany but also in several other countries including Austria, Britain, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

What’s the premier website for booking train tickets?

MakeMyTrip stands out as the premier platform for booking IRCTC train tickets quickly and efficiently. By entering your departure and arrival locations, you can easily browse all available train options for your route.

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