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Toomaj Freydouny Bungs CEO of KUMMUNI

Toomaj Freydouny- Bungs

Chief Executive Officer

Toomaj Freydouny- Bungs, the CEO of KUMMUNI, has an impressive background as a marketing consultant and scholar, as well as a serial entrepreneur from Berlin. With advising many well-known brands, including NICO, Toyota, Hyundai, Silicon Power, and Irancell MTN, he has been encouraged by experts and academics on four continents. Toomaj holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT, an MBA, and has also pursued Marketing studies in London.

Despite being invited to name the company in 2019, Toomaj joined the board 11 months later as CEO due to his expertise in dealing with crises in falling companies. He has been leading KUMMUNI GmbH since January 2021 and officially became CEO on February 24th of the same year. Toomaj’s transformation of KUMMUNI from a traditional real estate company to a proptech has set it apart in the rental and furnished market. The introduction of Choose Your Style has been instrumental in this differentiation, making KUMMUNI a unique player in the industry.

Trade World Magazine-Iran named Toomaj “the most capable marketing person in the Middle East” in 2013, while Al Ries praised him as “one of the few marketing people who have a complete understanding of marketing” in 2014. In 1999, Toomaj established his first startup (Gigafox) which he considers a complete failure but a huge lesson. 


Phone: +49 (0) 30 232 58 11 29 (PIN code required)

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