KUMMUNI Winter Promotion Program

KUMMUNI Winter Promotion Program

KUMMUNI has recently launched the Winter Promotion Program, a special initiative aimed at providing discounts to all new tenants. This initiative is a testament to KUMMUNI’s commitment to providing fair and accessible housing solutions. KUMMUNI believes that everyone deserves a comfortable and affordable place to call home, especially during these difficult times.

This program comes at a time when the financial situation in Germany is facing challenges, with some proptech companies taking advantage of the situation by imposing exorbitant rental prices on tenants in need of housing. In contrast, KUMMUNI is breaking the new pricing norm in Berlin’s market by offering affordable options to prospective tenants.

At KUMMUNI, we are offering a winter promotion for new tenants. Through this promotion, new tenants have the opportunity to rent a suitable apartment at an average rate of 22 euros per square meter, with all associated costs such as energy, facility costs, and repairs included. This is in stark contrast to certain other companies that charge exorbitant rates of up to 140 euros per square meter.

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