Mathias Knöfler | Facility Manager of KUMMUNI GmbH

Mathias Knöfler KUMMUNI Facility Manager

Mathias Knöfler has been an integral part of the maintenance and construction sector since 1991. He began his professional journey in Hamburg and was responsible for the maintenance of SAP’s warehouse. His expertise and experience in the field are unparalleled.

In 2020, Mathias moved to Berlin and joined KUMMUNI as the facility manager in February 2021. He is responsible for the technical aspects of acquiring new apartments and leading the facility team. Mathias has brought immense value to the company and has set a unique standard that has increased KUMMUNI’s profits.

Thanks to Mathias’s standards, our tenants can enjoy a comfortable living experience. Hundreds of tenants have already referred to their apartment as their home, which is a testament to Mathias’s dedication and hard work. KUMMUNI is fortunate to have Mathias as a part of our team.

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