How can I change my password?

If you would like to change your password, first log in to your “myKUMMUNI,” then click on your profile picture (if you have already uploaded one) and navigate to “My Profile.” Click on “My Profile” and go to the bottom of the page. From the section “Change Password” you can change the current password. Please make sure the new password is strong enough. Anyone who has access to your login data, not only can apply for a new property, they can extend or even cancel your lease.


KUMMUNI How to login
1- Login to your myKUMMUNI account on


KUMMUNI User account menu
2- Click on My Profile


KUMMUNI user account profile
3- Go to your profile


myKUMMUNI tenant dashboard view password
4- Create a new password at the bottom of your profile on myKUMMUNI

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