The reasons for rejection may include:

  • a missing document
  • financial concerns
  • ineligibility for a specific property
  • or competing applications

A missing document

When applying for an apartment on KUMMUNI, it is important to ensure that all required documents are uploaded in the acceptable format, which is pdf. Failure to do so can result in rejection. 

To avoid this, applicants should refer to the list of required documents provided on our Help Desk. This list can be accessed through the following link:

Financial concerns

For our financial supervisors, it is crucial to ensure that the applicant can afford the monthly rent. This involves a thorough review of their financial documents, such as bank statements and income statements. Furthermore, if you are applying for an apartment with a partner or friend, it is essential that both parties upload their financial documents. This allows us to assess the combined financial situation and determine if the rent is affordable for both individuals combined.

Ineligibility for a specific property

Ineligibility for a specific property can occur due to a variety of reasons. One common reason is applying for the wrong property. For instance, our Women-Friendly CoLiving spaces only accept female tenants, but a gentleman has applied for the property. This makes him ineligible for the property.

Another reason for ineligibility can be applying for a property that is offered to only one person, but the applicant applies for the property for more than one person. This violates the terms and conditions of the property and makes the applicant ineligible for the property

Competing applications

Competing applications means that due to the high number of eligible applications, we cannot offer you the desired property at this time. This means there are several competing applications that we are currently considering. If you think the rejection was caused by competing applications we encourage you to apply for a different property on KUMMUNI or contact our account management department for a rental inquiry for the upcoming listing.

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